My Philosophy 

My goal is to reach every student, as opposed to teaching to the typically developing students. While I strive to create an inclusive classroom, I try and use various teaching methods which differentiate instruction and provide students with opportunities to explore different interests, while diversifying their problem solving mechanisms. These learning methods often include, but are not limited to music, naturalist, verbal-linguistic, kinaesthetic, visual, and dramatic intelligences. 
In holding high expectations for students, we demonstrate our confidence in their ability to achieve their goals. While the expectations for my students remain high, my expectations for myself are even greater. In order to uphold these expectations, I have become a most reflective individual, often assessing my actions and methodology in order to improve. I try to impart this reflective behaviour upon my students, as a tactic in management. If students, of any age, reflect upon their own actions in misdemeanour, they are more likely to understand the consequences and to think twice before repeating such activities. With my students I am gentle and forgiving. Thus it is out of compassion, rather than fear, that they decide to act respectfully, returning the respect that I evenly display. We create promises to ourselves, within our community, to fulfill our goals and respect one another – I have learnt over time that a student feels greater joy and aptitude for keeping their own promises and feel a larger tie to these undertakings, in order to preserve a level of self-respect. 
Each student is unique. Each student enters the open doors of a classroom with hopes, dreams and aspirations. My hope is to welcome these dreams and provide students with the drive to persist, the audacity to question, and the humility to reflect. Amongst scholastic skills and knowledge, I hope to provide my students with a key to the realm of learning, guiding them to each open door and harnessing their independent nature, through which they may discover growth. It is through such guidance that I may learn from constantly from my students, and the world surrounding, as learning never stops and as I strive to pass on my knowledge.